When You’re Ready…

to Enhance Your Smile



Dentistry is constantly evolving and we are committed to providing you high level dentistry through continual improvement and a deeper understanding of proper function, ideal esthetics and true oral health.



Get the smile you’ve always wanted!

…But what do you really want?


What makes a beautiful smile?

Understanding what is “normal” gives us a baseline to work from when enhancing your smile.

How tall should your teeth be? Or how much of your gums should show?

DSC_0155DSC_0006 DSC_0003

How important is symmetry and tooth position?

DSC_0308 - Copy (2)   DSC_0057

What roles do your lips play?

  DSC_0024   DSC_0021


Of course all these elements and more play critical roles in beautiful smiles.

In addition, everyone’s perception of beautiful is different.

An important thing to know is that straight and properly positioned teeth not only look better, but they function better, are easier to clean and maintain.

With your back teeth in the correct position, chewing becomes easier and prevents damage to front teeth.

Front teeth in the correct position guide jaw movements and protect back teeth from cracking by preventing them from hitting one another in side to side movements.

Tooth size and shape can be enhanced with veneers or composite bonding.

DSC_0003 (3)  DSC_0004 (2)

Missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants.

DSC_0062-002  DSC_0007-001


Professional whitening and enhance the color of your teeth

can correct tooth position


When there is no hope in repairing your teeth you can consider State-of-the-Art dentures that stay in place and are anchored to multiple implants.