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Implant supported dentures are rapidly becoming the standard of care. With two to four implants, patients can throw away their denture creams for good!

Benefits of implants under dentures include:

  • Preservation of existing bone
  • Increased chewing efficiency
  • Increased stability and retention

Recent studies have show that not only do implant supported dentures function better, they also improve patients quality of life as well. Read more by clicking HERE!

Fixed Dentures

Fixed Dentures are becoming more popular and have become the ultimate replacement option for those missing all of their teeth.

Nobel Biocare is a dental implant company that has coined the phrase “All-on-4

All on four meaning you can support a fixed denture (a denture that does not come in and out) by four implants.  Some patients may need additional implants to support a fixed denture but less than the traditional 6-8 implants previously needed to support similar fixed dentures.

Fixed Denture


All-on-4 and similar treatment concepts is an exciting treatment modality for those who do not want to take their teeth out at night.  Fixed dentures also prevent the need to have extensive flanges and full coverage of the roof of your mouth.  Ask Dr. Mitchell if you are a candidate for fixed dentures!

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