At Park View Dental we have invested in an extremely precise soft tissue laser called the LightScapel, a  truly cutting edge technology!

Benefits include:


  • Less Bleeding
  • Reduced Swelling
  • Minimized Discomfort
  • Improved Healing and Cosmesis

Lasers have been used in Dentistry for decades.  Dental lasers have a variety of uses including the removal of tooth structure and soft tissue.

The lightScaple is a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser.  CO2 is not what is produced, rather it is the material used to generate the laser beam.  The laser energy created is a concentrated beam of light that interacts with soft tissue and water.  This light cleanly and precisely removes tissue while sealing blood vessels.

This means that instead of metal scaple, incisions can be made with the laser.  As a result, patients experience less bleeding, reduced swelling, less discomfort, and improved healing and often less scaring.

The LightScaple can also be used to resurface the top layer of tissue at lower settings.  By resurfacing tissue and the laser’s unique tissue interaction with skin, it has been show effective in treating canker and cold sores.

Procedures that can be performed include:

  • Canker sore treatment
  • Cold sore treatment
  • Frenectomies and tongue tie releases
  • Gum recontouring
  • Enhanced periodontal therapy
  • Biopsies
  • Enhanced Hemostasis for better restorations (fillings and crowns)
  • Failing implant procedures

To learn more visit the patient education page from LightScaple below.  The information presented is backed by research that is referenced throughout their website.