When You’re Ready…

to Know What’s Possible

Many of our patients come to us wanting to know what options they have for their oral health. After their exam, we discuss with them what is possible and a common response is-

“I had no idea you could even do that!”

“I’ve never had a dentist show and explain things like this before.”

“ I wish I would have come see you 20 years ago.”

We share with you what is possible, and give you the opportunity to reach the highest level of health, function, and esthetics that you want.


Your first visit at Park View Dental will open your possibilities.

  • We will take the time listen to your goals and concerns
  • Perform a thorough exam and provide you with a full report of your oral health
  • You will then explore with Dr. Mitchell the options you have to address any concerns and reach your goals.

Understanding what is possible is why people come to our practice.


You can learn how to get your teeth and mouth to function better.

You will learn how you can get your teeth looking amazing and your jaw and muscles feeling comfortable.